Thursday, December 30, 2004


So many countries have been hit, so many, many thousands have died. If everyone donated something, even a little, it can help the survivors gather together their shattered lives.

Please do.

Monday, December 13, 2004

I would like a refund please

Yes well, the reason I haven't been posting is of course that I'm now back downunder and far to busy catching up with people to make it to the internet cafe and update.
Its great to be home again but I must say the weaher has been absolute pants. Its raining AGAIN today, after a brief two day respite of pleasant weather. We are about to jump in the car and head off down the Great Ocean Road for a 3 day break, before coming back and going to catch up with M&M in Melbourne. It'll also be great o be able to see Danielle and find out how she and her brother have adapted to Oz.
I think I should be entitled to a few weeks of holiday extension owing to the absolutely shite weather. I'll have to call my boss.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Dealing with darkness and dogs

It was inconcievable to me before moving to the northern hemisphere, that daylight could actually be a lacking commodity. I mean, you just don't think about it in Australia. Its day or its night that's it.
But here it seems to be more complicated. With the sun not peeking over the horizon until almost 8am and disappearing rapidly again at 4pm, my old standards of what defines day and what night (i.e. light or dark) have gone out the window. I'm sitting here, in the middle of the afternoon and it's NIGHT. How on earth can I convince my body and brain that I need to go and work for a few more hours before the day is over, when every natural instinct is saying "time to curl up with a book, a cup of tea and get ready to put out the light". Combine that with a dog that doesn't care if its pitch black and -2 degrees, its time for his run in the park and evenings are becoming an almost surreal event. I honestly don't know if I'm coming into work or leaving it, and many's the day when I've felt like I've worked the whole night through and its only been 8 hours.
My latest attempt to exercise the dog without having to wander through unlit parks in pitch black (and which I considered a personal stroke of genius) is to make him run around after a little red laser pointer. This brilliant technique worked for about 10 minutes until he turned around and looked at me and spotted the little red light emiting pointer in my hand. Sometimes I actually quite like the fact he's a smart little bugger, but now whenever I try and get him to chase it again he just looks at me like "you're doing that, I know, and if you want me to do something stoopid then you're gonna have to be a little cleverer 'cause I worked THAT one out already".
So now to pass the time standing on a dark field, I'm trying to train him to respond to a flashlight. So far its working really well. If I flash the light twice he ignores me, if I make little circles with it near my feet he ignores me and if I put it under my chin and moan at him he ignores me. So I think we're doing really well in developing a consistent response to signalling.

Monday, November 22, 2004

Oh, just, BLAH

I feel like a kid at Xmas already. Why can't next week be here? Why do I have to hang around when my plane tickets are sitting there looking at me, begging to be picked up...fondled...just USED already!
9 day countdown till I'm back Downunder for a WHOLE MONTH. Not like I'm desperate to get out of here or anything....

I spent last Thursday evening making a muff. Yes, that's right, a muff. And before any smartarses out there start snorting, chuckling or chortling I mean of course the type that impressive Russian ballerinas wear when not on stage. NOT the kind that makes 13 year old boys giggle inanely. Creating THAT is beyond even my extensive biological skill. I would post a picture of it but the much loved Dr H buggered off with the camera this morning, so you'll just have to imagine it...a purple furry muff.

Oh CUT OUT THAT GIGGLING. It really is not that amusing.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Pre-Xmas wish list

A mini fridge

Is that cool or what? And now that we are down to 2 in our office (Hi Dr L - we really miss you!), there's enough space for it!

Romantic Inspiration or How Not to Write

So I´m doing a bit more research into my Mills and Boon novel and started to read a few that I picked up last time I was home as research material. I have actually read them before, but apparently I wasn´t paying attention as last night I found this piece of literary genius:

Her mouth fluttered free of his and she gasped, looking up at him with a question as old as humanity in her eyes.
"Yes," he said thickly. "Yes, sweetheart. It´s time that I was deep and hot and hard inside you."

What? How on earth did I read past that line earlier? I´m not in the slightest bit against sex scenes (in fact writing those are the best bit, and it could be that I missed this line when I first read it because I skipping ahead to the juicy bits) but if you´re going to mix it with writing THAT crap, then just go out and by a porn mag would you?

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Words I don't use often enough: Debacle

de·ba·cle ( P ) Pronunciation Key (d-bäkl, -bkl, db-kl)n.
A sudden, disastrous collapse, downfall, or defeat; a rout.
A total, often ludicrous failure.
The breaking up of ice in a river.
A violent flood.

I think that says it all really