Monday, November 22, 2004

Oh, just, BLAH

I feel like a kid at Xmas already. Why can't next week be here? Why do I have to hang around when my plane tickets are sitting there looking at me, begging to be picked up...fondled...just USED already!
9 day countdown till I'm back Downunder for a WHOLE MONTH. Not like I'm desperate to get out of here or anything....

I spent last Thursday evening making a muff. Yes, that's right, a muff. And before any smartarses out there start snorting, chuckling or chortling I mean of course the type that impressive Russian ballerinas wear when not on stage. NOT the kind that makes 13 year old boys giggle inanely. Creating THAT is beyond even my extensive biological skill. I would post a picture of it but the much loved Dr H buggered off with the camera this morning, so you'll just have to imagine it...a purple furry muff.

Oh CUT OUT THAT GIGGLING. It really is not that amusing.

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