Monday, November 08, 2004

Romantic Inspiration or How Not to Write

So I´m doing a bit more research into my Mills and Boon novel and started to read a few that I picked up last time I was home as research material. I have actually read them before, but apparently I wasn´t paying attention as last night I found this piece of literary genius:

Her mouth fluttered free of his and she gasped, looking up at him with a question as old as humanity in her eyes.
"Yes," he said thickly. "Yes, sweetheart. It´s time that I was deep and hot and hard inside you."

What? How on earth did I read past that line earlier? I´m not in the slightest bit against sex scenes (in fact writing those are the best bit, and it could be that I missed this line when I first read it because I skipping ahead to the juicy bits) but if you´re going to mix it with writing THAT crap, then just go out and by a porn mag would you?

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