Thursday, January 27, 2005

Back to our regular programming

So I haven't updated in a week, not because nothing has happened, but because I haven't really felt up to dealing with the world. It's been hard enough pulling myself out of bed in the morning.
But after a big chat with Berlin-based Flea, I think I'm getting stuff back under control again. All a matter of focus and perspective, y'know?

Anyway so today I woke up to snow. Admittedly not thigh-high drifts, but hey, this is Hamburg. And it was enough that my 30min walk to work took almost an hour cause I had to stop every few meters and make snow balls to throw at fences. Joy!

For all those who are not aware (which is probably none, as everyone who reads this seems to be Aussie), yesterday was Australia Day. My English boss celebrated the occasion by looking up Australian slang on the web (for example here and here) and putting on a fair version of my accent while repeating them. The following took the cake, amusing not only him and half the people I work with, but also is rather reserved English mother whom he rang last night just to share this with her:
(to someone who has just farted loudly) "A bit more choke on that and you would've started"


Lucy Tartan said...

I can't say I've ever encountered that one, despite having spent thirty years listening to australians make fart jokes!

Anonymous said...

G'day! Just wondering what has happened to the entries from Dr J?! All has gone quiet!