Saturday, January 01, 2005

Barking in the New Year

Well we´re back in grey, cold miserable Germany, just in time to ring in the New Year with severe jet lag. Our dog is back home with us, but a bit uncertain now who he should be listening to. I seem to have lost my hard earned spot as alpha animal in his pack since being gone, but Kerstin did a wonderful job looking after him and dealing with the injuries acquired taking on a dog bigger and stronger than him. Thanks Kerstin!!
After being flooded with invitations for New Year´s bashes (well, two), we decided that our jet-lagged state would probably not be up to heavy partying, so instead took part in a small dinner evening with a few dog-owner friends. Luckily one friend had another party to go to and took her 3 dogs with her, but as it was, with 5 adults, 4 dogs and a cat it was squishy in the kitchen and standing room only around the fondue set. Yes, fondue and Raklet (a small table top grill thing where you put vegies etc on little trays and cover them with cheese and the grill it) make a party and I can see why they were so popular in the 70´s. Although this was just an oil fondue (and I can see why they were so unpopular in the 90´s), plans exist for a chocolate fondue at the next dog-orientated event.
The boy and I managed to prop our eyes open until after the stroke of twelve and took part in the German tradition of blowing things up (Fire, I need fire!!). However in my overtired state I was wishing most passers-by a Merry Christmas.

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