Friday, January 07, 2005

Enjoying freedom from single-motherhood-dom

Which of course is refering to my dog, and not to any of my own biological offspring. Due to the somewhat large amount of stress which can be created in trying to get my dog outside to pee at least 4 times a day while working a job with somewhat longer hours, I decided to farm out my little pee machine for 3 afternoons a week.
Oh the joy, the release from guilt I now have, that Leon is no longer at home with crossed legs, waiting for me to let him out of our 2nd floor flat. And how amusing (and cute) it was that when he was dropped back last night, he brought all his little doggy friends up with him and ran around the flat with them, looking for all the world as if he was giving a tour:
"And, and here's where I sleep, and, and over here thats where She sleeps, no, no, get down, not allowed there, and over here, no over here, is my water bowl, and if you smell here........"

Three cheers for Doggy Daycare!

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