Saturday, January 01, 2005

Living it up in Resolution Land

Like everyone else, I´ve made my list, I´ve checked it twice and I KNOW that if I stick to it I WON´T be nice.
New Years Day started with a wonderful sleep-in. Thank god for being kept awake on New Year´s Eve, I wasn´t lying awake staring at a dark ceiling at 5am this morning. As a jet-lag cure I highly recommend it. Then it was on for young and old with all the zestiness associated with those first breathtaking hours of "YES I will DO IT this year!!". The twelve and a half piles of paper (yes I counted) which had been cluttering up my desk, lounging around on the floor and taking up precious hallway shelf space have now been reduced to three and I have increased the number of A4 folders of Important Stuff from two to nine. I am practically glowing with purposefulness. Really. It´s almost scary.
But now I must get back to those last three piles (see? I´m VOLUNTARILY giving up time-wasting, procrastinating web-playing). And I can do it while watching dear Russell strut his gladiator-butt.
Happy New Year Everyone!!

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