Friday, January 21, 2005

Mmmmmm meat

Ever since staying at his carer´s while we were in Oz, Leon has been getting fresh meat instead of the normal canned and dry dog food with which he was previously fed. Now he gets cows stomachs (still with grass in them), liver, intestines, chicken necks, hearts, and on and on and on. While we were waiting for the next delivery of the meat woman, we were getting it frozen and sorted from the pet shop down the road, which made the whole experience not much worse than normal dog feeding.
However we now have had the large scale FRESH delivery. A large shopping bag full of chicken necks (which look suprisingly like small penises (penii??)), another of their ribs and bts, and a HUGE red box of everything else. Damn lucky I´m a trained biologist cause I thikn some of the hardiest stomachs would have swooned as I chopped it all into meal size chunks, bagged it and attempted to freeze it.
And guess what? Our freezer isn´t big enough. So now I have a box on the balcony (thank god its below freezing now) which looks like a serial killers stash and means that the dog has spent the last hour with his nose pressed to the glass just BEGGING to be allowed out.
Meanwhile I´m trying to air the flat (below zero degrees remember) because you have NO IDEA just what the insides of a cows stomach smell like.


Anonymous said...

It took some time, but finally tracked you down, Dr. J. Caught up with London lad (of the afforementioned posts) while he was in G-town as well as a young lady and her traveling companion - gave them some tips about how to get around (and that Berlin is a distance from a number of race tracks). Anyways, 2005 could be a large Berlin year - drop me a line. Still on holidave!

Anonymous said...

good to see us Geelongits are in touch with our beloved Dr J over the other side of the globe - although holidave will be back over there so I guess. Must say holidave - impressed with the Scotland Castle idea - although London Lad is skiing at present and cant give me much details on it all until returns to London town.

Must say Dr J - that the thought of meat frozen on the balconey it dragging all sorts of Food Safety issues through my head! Currently have a huge food poisoning outbreak in Melbourne - over 700 struck down from 2 turisk restuarants - so it is on my brain a little. Big difference I guess - 34 degress in Melbourne today and you guys below freezing!

Dr J. said...

Lucky for me that food safety for the dog is not such an issue. The mankier it gets the more he loves it. Admittedly I don't allow the chicken to defrost, but out there it is colder than my fridge!

Holidave its been a damn long time! Will we be seeing you at Londonlads big one?