Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Oh the pain

I think I should have a whole section set aside for my many and varied health complaints. It´s getting ridiculous.
Last week I caught the mandatory coming-back-from-Oz-should-work-hard-but-oh-i-feel-ill bug which had me in bed all day Thursday and ensured that I ensured no sleep for Dr H on Sunday night by hacking up my lungs until 3am when I gave up and moved out onto the couch.
Today I managed to do my back in while rearranging the shelves on my new lab bench. I´m now doped on muscle relaxants and am reasonably suprised that I made it all the way upstairs.
Sorry Boss. I promise you I´m not doing this deliberately. I also know I only have 5 weeks to get results so I´m not looking forward to the overtime I have to put in as a result of this little day of enforced TV watching.

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Anonymous said...

what do you mean "coming-back-from-Oz-should-work-hard-but-oh-i-feel-ill bug"?? this is no good at all. Perhaps I could tempt you to the delights of 35 degrees we are expecting in gorgeous Melbourne today! A dose of Aussie summer rays would just fix that i-feel-ill bug!! Although I am stuck in a higher air conditioned office today, dinner and a glass of chardy (or 3)will be had on Williamstown beach this evening so I shant complain!

Hope you feel better real soon Dr J - otherwise I might just need to get my backside over the oceans in April and give you a good quick swift kick from an Aussie foot! (or is that an Aussie fort...hhhmmmmm!!!)