Monday, February 28, 2005

Incy Wincy

This has to be one of the best spiders I have ever seen. As you may not be aware, I have somewhat of a penchant for 8-legged critters and it always seems to be me that has to go and rescue poor, innocent arachnids from vicious people armed with newspapers and shoes.
How can you not love them?

Friday, February 25, 2005

Me on the Wattenmeer at Tössens. Posted by Hello

Leon begging. He looks remarkably like a kangaroo with those freakishly short legs dangling in front Posted by Hello

Yes I know its been, like, A MONTH

I hear you ok! So now I guess I have to update for the WHOLE month. Luckily February lacks a bit in that department or we could be here until April.

The largest event of February is of course our wedding anniversary. Wonderful wet, cold, miserable month that it is. This being our first anniversary, we decided to go away and ended up at a hotel resorty thing on the North Sea coast. It was three days of chlorine-filled adventures in the "subtropical waterparadise" including a wavepool and several waterslides. One of these, enabled you to get up such a speed that at the bottom you were launched from halfway up the wall, instead of out the bottom of the chute. After numerous practise runs I managed a pretty convincing 1 1/2 spin followed by a bellyflop, emptying half the pool and causing small children to run screaming in terror.
Meanwhile, outside this overheated hothouse it was snowing and we did some brief walks along the Wattenmeer (where the tide goes out for like, a kilometer) . We also had managed to foist the dog on a poor, unsuspecting colleague and so had a weekend free from collecting faeces. Ahh freedom!!
Another large point about this entire weekend, which I wish to outline clearly here for all and sundry to ensure that it doesn't happen again is that my wonderful Dr H. DIDN'T GET ME AN ANNIVERSARY PRESENT! Yes, shock and horror is emanating from you all at the moment, I can feel it from here. The FIRST anniversary - I'm worried about this setting a future trend. I know that he worked ridiculous amounts in this month and was never home when the shops were open BUT. A warning has now gone out and I reserve my girly-rights to get right royally snotty if it happens again.

February was also a month full of meetings for both of us, where Dr H. won a prize for his excellent science and I probably managed to ensure that my contract won't be extended by opening my mouth a bit to wide. There's undoubtably now a little note in my personal file with "Rebellious" written in red ink and underlined three times. I feel inordinately proud of that and now understand why all my friends went and did rebellious stuff in their teenage years while I was home reading books and watching The Bodyguard and Those Miraculous Mellops.

Did ANYONE ever watch that aside from me? I adored it but somehow I must have been in an odd Australian Television Second Dimension because noone I know has ever heard of it.