Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Happy Easter

This is going to sound extremely bizarre to any Northern hemisphere based person reading this, but I´m sure fellow Aussies will understand.
Last week the weather here actually started turning nice. Wednesday was a pleasant and reasonbly sunny day which went into double figures, while Thursday broke even Wed´s lovely-day-for-March record and let me wander around in only a t-shirt and even dried out the mud-lakes that have been in the dogpark since, oh, forever.
So on Thursday there I was contemplating this lovely weather, truly the start of Spring and realised that the next day was Good Friday. Like, Easter. Like that whole rebirth stuff. Like Spring. ie. IT FITS TOGETHER!
Ok, so right now all Americans and Europeans are saying "Well, DUH!" but think of it from the view of an Aussie. I mean Easter comes just as the weather is turning to shit. Like, really. So there is no connection. Its just a nice time to put the school holidays between Xmas and mid-winter for us. And that´s about it.
As I was explaining my sudden theological breakthrough to my father on the weekend I did happen to mention that isn´t it just SO lucky for the Christian church that these two coincide. It would have been a bit of a downer for them to try and sell it to the masses if it had happened in the Aussie time frame at the start of Autumn. What a stroke of luck. Really.
And my father told me to not be such a cynic and I should go to Church. It being Easter Sunday and all.
Sorry Dad.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


As much as Dooce has been going on about how wonderful the snowboarding experience is, I´m rather glad I left it alone and didn´t join the work ski trip last week. My reasons were based on the general condition of my knees which don´t particularly like standing up and sitting down from a normal chair. So I figured hurtling my body down a hill on a small plank would probably push me to the limits of total knee reconstructive surgery.
So the trip last week went well for the first 3 days until our radiant Rose managed to fall over.
On the baby slope.
One meter from her instructor.
Breaking BOTH wrists.

OUCH ouch ouch ouch ouchouchouch

Get well....well in 6 weeks!

Friday, March 18, 2005

Dear Rain

It was wonderful to see you again after your months absence while I was snowed on and blown off my bike by -5 degree winds. Truly your gentle, damp caresses as I pedaled to work were a welcome relief and it felt as though an old friend had sent me that long awaited email, had called up out of the blue at I time I needed to hear their voice. Under your light droplets the frozen tundra of our parks and gardens melted away, the harsh and dangerous ice no match for your soft, wet kisses. Your arrival has marked the end of winter, the beginning of a new cycle of life.

But ENOUGH already! Ok, the first 2 days - fine. You had many months of wetness to catch up on, that I understand. But COME ON. Why is it you always start when I'm halfway to work and not dressed to cope with you? Why is it that you allow the clouds to clear long enough to think its safe to walk the dog and then DUMP IT ALL ON MY HEAD when we are still an hour from home?

So, dear Rain, as joyful as it was to first hear you pattering against the windows, it is now time for you to FUCK OFF.

The Damp Hamburger

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

And the Bloggie goes to.....

Yep, the 2005 Bloggies were just awarded and surprise, surprise I hadn´t even made the nomination list. Of course that could be due to the fact that only about 4 people read this with any regularity. BUT STILL. Next year feel free to nominate me. I might have to do a bit more of a publicity campaign so if you send me your details I´ll consider a cheque in the post.

Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Shame File

I couldn´t believe it. Last week on a FULL underground train, a person was attacked by 4 others, beaten up and robbed while only ONE woman tried to intervene. What is wrong with this world?? And what is almost as bad is that everyone I´ve talked to about it has nodded and said "Yep, can see that happening" followed by "that´s how it is" and going back to work.
Now I used to be the cynical one. I was always the one who, as a youth, saw no future for humankind and was quite certain we´d manage to wipe ourselves out good and proper before the end of my natural lifespan. But that the world has sunk into this complacent, shoulder-shrugging, none-of-my-business-I´m-not-gonna-think-about-it.............


Thursday, March 10, 2005

On How to Draw

I came across this webpage through someone else´s links and spent ages yelling "Trogdor!" around the house, until even my dog joined in. Actually, anytime I start making noise he joins in, so that may have to do more with my excitement level than his judgement of quality webpages.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Going home

I spent last weekend in Berlin with Dr H, instead of him coming here. It was odd, going back to our old flat. I was there last in December for a day, and before that it had been several months. Somehow I felt like that part of my life is over, that I'm now older and different. But I'm not. Back in Berlin I started to feel again like the insecure student I was, instead of the old and wise graduate and married woman that I am. Oh what a load of crap!
Actually, to let you in on a little secret, I'm not at all old and wise. Ignore the grey hairs and advancing wrinkles, I'm still the same 15-year-old that got picked on at school, the same 19-year-old that never wore trendy clothes, the same 24-year-old in a new country unable to speak the language. Its amazing really how little I've grown up in all those years.