Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Happy Easter

This is going to sound extremely bizarre to any Northern hemisphere based person reading this, but I´m sure fellow Aussies will understand.
Last week the weather here actually started turning nice. Wednesday was a pleasant and reasonbly sunny day which went into double figures, while Thursday broke even Wed´s lovely-day-for-March record and let me wander around in only a t-shirt and even dried out the mud-lakes that have been in the dogpark since, oh, forever.
So on Thursday there I was contemplating this lovely weather, truly the start of Spring and realised that the next day was Good Friday. Like, Easter. Like that whole rebirth stuff. Like Spring. ie. IT FITS TOGETHER!
Ok, so right now all Americans and Europeans are saying "Well, DUH!" but think of it from the view of an Aussie. I mean Easter comes just as the weather is turning to shit. Like, really. So there is no connection. Its just a nice time to put the school holidays between Xmas and mid-winter for us. And that´s about it.
As I was explaining my sudden theological breakthrough to my father on the weekend I did happen to mention that isn´t it just SO lucky for the Christian church that these two coincide. It would have been a bit of a downer for them to try and sell it to the masses if it had happened in the Aussie time frame at the start of Autumn. What a stroke of luck. Really.
And my father told me to not be such a cynic and I should go to Church. It being Easter Sunday and all.
Sorry Dad.


Anonymous said...

And I hope the Easter Bunny found you over there in Germany! Bunny was everywhere in Geelong - but no church for me either. I substituted wine if thats ok!

Be seeing you in 3 weeks missy!!!!

Marcus said...

No Easter Bunny in Tokyo, but the coming of Spring is marked by the arrival of the Cherry Blossoms. Just about everyone in the country is now planning their first 'Hana mi' - people gather at the foot of a Cherry Blossom tree and welcome the change of season with beer and shochu.

the father of the E.and M.L. said...

While I accept that the christian church was first established in the Northern Hemisphere I don't know if the christian church really did build its celebrations around the seasons. My understanding ( for what is that worth)is that the christians took the date from the Jewish passover as they knew when Christ died ( well they would wouldn't they!)
It was the day after the 14th of the first month, the 15th of Nisan of their calendar. But in other countries of the Roman Empire there were other systems of chronology. The Romans from 45 B.C. had used the reformed Julian calendar; there were also the Egyptian and the Syro-Macedonian calendar. The foundation of the Jewish calendar was the lunar year of 354 days, whilst the other systems depended on the solar year. In consequence the first days of the Jewish months and years did not coincide with any fixed days of the Roman solar year. Every fourth year of the Jewish system had an intercalary month. Since this month was inserted, not according to some scientific method or some definite rule, but arbitrarily, by command of the Sanhedrin, a distant Jewish date can never with certainty be transposed into the corresponding Julian or Gregorian date (Ideler, Chronologie, I, 570 sq.). The connection between the Jewish and the Christian Pasch explains the movable character of this feast. Easter has no fixed date, like Christmas, because the 15th of Nisan of the Semitic calendar was shifting from date to date on the Julian calendar. There!!
Hope you had a good easter- monadh and enjoyed Oestern