Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Shame File

I couldn´t believe it. Last week on a FULL underground train, a person was attacked by 4 others, beaten up and robbed while only ONE woman tried to intervene. What is wrong with this world?? And what is almost as bad is that everyone I´ve talked to about it has nodded and said "Yep, can see that happening" followed by "that´s how it is" and going back to work.
Now I used to be the cynical one. I was always the one who, as a youth, saw no future for humankind and was quite certain we´d manage to wipe ourselves out good and proper before the end of my natural lifespan. But that the world has sunk into this complacent, shoulder-shrugging, none-of-my-business-I´m-not-gonna-think-about-it.............



jules said...

something similar happened to me in January.. well.. no one beat me up, but i was assaulted by a dozen 13 year olds and roll of carpet! You can read my blog from Jan 4, 2005 for the whole animated story, but ppl in the laundromat that this happened in front of, just stood inside and WATCHED.. no one bothered to help.. all the cars driving by at rush hour drive home traffic.. not one person could be bothered to stop... nice..

Anonymous said...

ggeeeezzzz..........feeling really great about travelling now!! What a way to scare the cotton socks of an already terrified (but excitied) Aussie traveller!!!