Thursday, May 12, 2005

My cousin arrived Tuesday night, accompanied by a friend, to spend a few days with me in the good weather black hole that is Hamburg. After they'd spent a couple of weekends meandering around England ireland and even Scotland, they were not at all prepared for the fact that yesterday got to a high of 9 degrees.

So last night to try and warm them up, I teemed up with the boss and his girlfriend to warm them up by intorducing them to the Reeperbahn, aka Prostitute Central. After quite a pleasant italian meal in a restuarant run by Macedonians (and oh my but they are smooth talkers!), we meadered down to a visit some of the many small bars that cover the quarter.

And did we make it a party. Oh, yes we did. The bar we ended up in was mostly empty, which didn't make much difference as with 5 people coming in it became automatically half full. And once we got the DJ to play tainted love and many other old 60s and 70s fave's, our dancing drew in crowds of admirers. Well, I'll continue calling them admirers but now that I think about it, it did bear a resemblence to the sort of crowds that form around horrifying accidents. We really made that place hop. Oh yes indeedily do.

We did however fail dramatically in hooking the male guest up with a hooker (get it? Hooking - hooker?! Huh? well I found it amusing), which when you think about it was a rather spectacular failure and not one easily achieved in a place where you literally fall over prostitutes every 2 metres and they are aggressively grabbing hold of any potential prey. Something to be proud of I think.

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