Thursday, June 30, 2005

Flying away again

Tomorrow I'm off on another jaunt across the Atlantic, this time to Boston where I'm taking part in the GRC conference on "Drug Discovery in Tuberculosis". To try and make it a bit more exciting, my colleague DrS and I have 2 days before and one day after, in Boston itself. Current plans are to see a Red Sox game and pretend we go to Harvard (although this is probably only a kick for me as he's an Oxford boy and used to this big famous Uni thing whereas my 2 Uni's, like, weren't).
Also, as it is the 4th of July during the conference, they have nicely organised a boat trip on the harbour there to watch the fireworks. Unfortunately it's limited to 100 people and we have to sign up on the day of arrival, so we're polishing our elbows already.

In the meantime, DrH is using my 10 day absence as an excuse to trundle with dog and Bulli (aka Combi van, aka the cold uncomfortable heap of tin) down to his parents to rebuild the interior. Its been a decade long project with this car (I'm already trying to work out how much the cemetery plot will cost me when I HAVE TO BURY HIM IN IT). In the next 2 weeks he'll rebuild the kitchen to have more useful spaces, rebuild the chair/bed so I can actually lift the damn thing, remove the divider wall between the front and the back, get rid of the old seats and put in 2 new, covered in tan leather seats on turntables so we can extend the living space in the back and organise new placement for the toilet, the potential fridge and gas. Also he'll finally put an electricity socket in so that we can hook up to power in campsites and have heating.

And hopefully he'll have all of that done in time for us to hit the Campus Invasion concert in Giessen, and then we have a tentative plan to be at the HighField Festival in Erfurt in August!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

It was fun while it lasted but it's time to go

To many that read this blog, this is not news, but to any others who don't bother trying to catch up with me by any other means...... I've quit my job.
I'll be leaving here in mid-September to move to Heidelberg and do an internship with a technology transfer company and hopefully get the experience I need to move into that field. And then I'll move back to Berlin and finally after 2 1/2 years get to live with my husband again!

So everyone SING IT

No more buffers, no more labbooks
No more proteins dirty looks.

Friday, June 17, 2005

How to make a great band suck

Coldplay had an open air concert here on Wednesday which I got a ticket to at the last minute as a friend was ill. I could've just bought one anyway as it turns out that 5 hours before it was due to start they were selling 3 for 2 to try and get rid of them all. Already a bad sign.
The concert was, as I said, open air, next to the AOL Arena here and luckily it took place on one of the 4 dry days Hamburg gets a year. The warm-up acts were billed to start at 5pm, so we left work early, trundled down there and got in in time to get relatively close to the front. I was extremely annoyed that they took our water bottles off us (as I said, it was actually a warm day and there was no shade), but I guess you expect that at concerts these days. If you let people take their own water, you can't charge more than the price of a barrel of oil for 250mls. But back to the concert.
The opening acts were really good: a local band Ketcar and Richard Ashcroft of The Verve fame. However Ketcar didn't start until 6pm, Ashcroft didn't get on until 7.30 and we didn't spot Coldplay until almost 9pm. That was 4 hours AFTER the concert was billed at starting. And to make it that much worse, they played only an hour, did one encore and were very pointed about NOT coming back on stage afterwards.
All for 50Euro. Almost 1Euro a minute for the pleasure of listening to them. Bugger that for a joke, next time I´ll buy myself 4 CDs from bands less arrogant, a case of beer and sit around on my balcony in comfort listening to them.
Thanks for a very ordinary evening, Coldplay.

On slightly too much coffee

"Hey, I may LOOK like your average nerdy scientist, but you don´t know my alter ego"
"Uh huh abnormal nerdy scientist?"
"No underneath all this I´m really a superhero. Here if I take off my glasses."
"Oh, right. OF COURSE."
"They call me LABWOMAN."
"Saving us from THE PHAGE right?"
"And if I undo the buttons on my lab coat I can make it flap in the wind. See? See?!"

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Multimedia Queen

I have finally bought a webcam! Now friends and family can be visually accosted with DrJ in all her first-thing-in-the-morning glory! And not only that - but i got a Wacom tablet and it is just THE best fun. The pen makes sketching stuff in Corel SO much easier. Now all I have to do is, like, learn how to draw and do my hair and I can use both of these new techno gizmos to their full potential!

Big Apple breakdown

Back from the Big Apple with little to report that most weekend tourists wouldn´t. The evening we arrived was the big dinner with the Mr World Renowned Professor that DrH was there to meet and of course I, being somewhat susceptible to jet lag, almost fell asleep in the guacomole. I´m not sure why now, as in years past I could easily survive off 5 hours a night - in fact I was much better, sharper, focused with slightly less sleep. But these days I need my 8 hours. No more, no less, I´ll wake up after 8 hours almost on the button, but make me get up 20min earlier and there´ll be hell to pay.
I spent a day wandering down Broadway from Central Park to almost Ground Zero and bought some amazingly cheap and shitty jewelry. My, how I now sparkle! DrH went silly on cheap Levi´s and came back with 8 pairs. Yes, 8. I tell you, this must be love - spending hours in front of a change room saying "No your arse looks great in that pair". Guys, you think you have dibs on that line? WRONG.
Visited the MoMA, sat in Central Park and spent large chunks of the weekend in any bookshop I could find. The Strand bookshop with first and second-hand books, is actually advertised as 18 miles of books. Eighteen. One eight. Miles. I was in heaven. After almost 6 years in bookshops with a single shelf of English books I am now willing to pay large sums of money to go to exciting cities in foreign countries and sit in a bookshop.