Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Big Apple breakdown

Back from the Big Apple with little to report that most weekend tourists wouldn´t. The evening we arrived was the big dinner with the Mr World Renowned Professor that DrH was there to meet and of course I, being somewhat susceptible to jet lag, almost fell asleep in the guacomole. I´m not sure why now, as in years past I could easily survive off 5 hours a night - in fact I was much better, sharper, focused with slightly less sleep. But these days I need my 8 hours. No more, no less, I´ll wake up after 8 hours almost on the button, but make me get up 20min earlier and there´ll be hell to pay.
I spent a day wandering down Broadway from Central Park to almost Ground Zero and bought some amazingly cheap and shitty jewelry. My, how I now sparkle! DrH went silly on cheap Levi´s and came back with 8 pairs. Yes, 8. I tell you, this must be love - spending hours in front of a change room saying "No your arse looks great in that pair". Guys, you think you have dibs on that line? WRONG.
Visited the MoMA, sat in Central Park and spent large chunks of the weekend in any bookshop I could find. The Strand bookshop with first and second-hand books, is actually advertised as 18 miles of books. Eighteen. One eight. Miles. I was in heaven. After almost 6 years in bookshops with a single shelf of English books I am now willing to pay large sums of money to go to exciting cities in foreign countries and sit in a bookshop.

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