Friday, June 17, 2005

How to make a great band suck

Coldplay had an open air concert here on Wednesday which I got a ticket to at the last minute as a friend was ill. I could've just bought one anyway as it turns out that 5 hours before it was due to start they were selling 3 for 2 to try and get rid of them all. Already a bad sign.
The concert was, as I said, open air, next to the AOL Arena here and luckily it took place on one of the 4 dry days Hamburg gets a year. The warm-up acts were billed to start at 5pm, so we left work early, trundled down there and got in in time to get relatively close to the front. I was extremely annoyed that they took our water bottles off us (as I said, it was actually a warm day and there was no shade), but I guess you expect that at concerts these days. If you let people take their own water, you can't charge more than the price of a barrel of oil for 250mls. But back to the concert.
The opening acts were really good: a local band Ketcar and Richard Ashcroft of The Verve fame. However Ketcar didn't start until 6pm, Ashcroft didn't get on until 7.30 and we didn't spot Coldplay until almost 9pm. That was 4 hours AFTER the concert was billed at starting. And to make it that much worse, they played only an hour, did one encore and were very pointed about NOT coming back on stage afterwards.
All for 50Euro. Almost 1Euro a minute for the pleasure of listening to them. Bugger that for a joke, next time I´ll buy myself 4 CDs from bands less arrogant, a case of beer and sit around on my balcony in comfort listening to them.
Thanks for a very ordinary evening, Coldplay.

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