Tuesday, June 28, 2005

It was fun while it lasted but it's time to go

To many that read this blog, this is not news, but to any others who don't bother trying to catch up with me by any other means...... I've quit my job.
I'll be leaving here in mid-September to move to Heidelberg and do an internship with a technology transfer company and hopefully get the experience I need to move into that field. And then I'll move back to Berlin and finally after 2 1/2 years get to live with my husband again!

So everyone SING IT

No more buffers, no more labbooks
No more proteins dirty looks.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats Jac!! (well I think it is congrats! - in that you are happy about this move?!) I know this is a way of getting that ultimate goal of being with hubby and continuing career so I hope that Heidelberg offers you a great life for the intership. And well done for getting it - You are indeed my very smart cousin!