Thursday, July 14, 2005

On aiding large corporations

Back from Boston and, my, that is a lovely city. Congrats Bostonians on keeping the place so original. We were staying near Fenway Park and spent an afternoon wandering down the middle of Comm Av (as us in-the-know call it) to the public gardens and Boston Common, up through Beacon Hill and around the financial district. On Saturday we caught the underground over to Science Park and walked from there to Harvard. Three hours of walking in hot sun. It was quite a stretch. So by the time we got to Harvard, neither of us were particulary interested in looking around. So I parked my arse on the grass of the square where all the movies are made and read a book for a while.
I must admit, Harvard is quite deceiving. I assumed the campus to be much much much bigger than it actually is. I keep forgetting that LaTrobe has a LOT of land.

On the way (and the reason why we had to get off the underground so much before Harvard) was that DrS desperately wanted to visit the Apple Store and purchase an ipod. And I got one for me too. Didn't really plan on it, but you know, your just SO OUT, LIKE, REALLY?, LIKE, DON'T YA KNOW THAT EVERYONE HAS THEM NOW?
So the salesman was all "Yeah well the 4gig mini is good of course, but the 6 gig is only $50 more, and then you have 2 more gig!" And then the other salesman butted in with " Actually we have some of the old 20gig black and white in stock which are only $20 more than that" As soon as that started to sound interesting the first one piped back with "Well why go for the old black and white when for just $40 more you can have the new coloured, with all its extra's" And before you knew it I was at double what I originally thought about spending. Damn those salespeople, making everything sound so reasonable.
But in the end I held firm and got the 4gig mini in green. I figure its good enough to get me by for the next few years and can fit my Harry Potter books on it (as read by Rufus Beck - man he's good, I think I know his voice bettrer than DrH's by now), so I can survive the 5 hr-each-way weekly commute about to start between Heidelberg and Berlin. And by the time I'm ready to upgrade there'll be mp320 players with integrated home cinema and beamer that can do your washing and walk the dog and be only the size of a fingernail that'll probably cost less.

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