Tuesday, July 26, 2005

On the joy of marrying Germans

It has been a common comment from English-derived folk (be it Australian, English, American, New Zealand, South African etc etc) "How can you marry a German - they have no sense of humour", and I wanted now to do away with this small misconception.
In fact Germans do have a sense of humour: there are more stand-up comedy shows on TV here than I ever saw in Australia and plenty of sketch comedy - even a great live theatre sports type show. Many have a black humour to equal the best Brits, especially around Berlin, where it is often mistaken for rudeness (although there´s a fair bit of that as well). In fact, a German straight-face with a sarcastic or ironic statement is a thousand fold above the straight-face quality of its Australian counterpart.
That said, there is a proportion of the population who still can´t pull-off sarcasm or irony. DrH is one of those. But he´s learning. And in fact is far funnier in his attempts than if he had been an expert from the start.
Many conversations are along the lines of
DrH: "Blah, blah, blah....(pause for a beat)(try and subdue a grin)...(whispering) that was sarcasm - did you notice?(giggle)"
Who can resist that? It´s more amusing than watching my dog trying to get the big ball out of his mouth that he jammed in there and end up just looking at me forlornly with his jaws 30cm apart.

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