Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Overheard in the airport

Amazing the things you end up running across. I´ve been reading Wil Wheaton´s blog (yes THAT Will, of nerdy kid on Star Trek fame). It appears that he´s now all grown up like the rest of us with family and kids and a poker habit. Like a profi thing. And apparently proud to be a nerd. Which is good - I know I´m one and have been for, well, forever. And now I´m going to concrete myself in the nerdy role for life by admitting to all and internet sundry that I had the HUGEST crush on him when I was young. I´d be pushing my parents to stay up late, so I could watch StarTrek and dream that I too, was a young, brilliant, incredibly geeky geek who got to fly space ships. I´ve now justified every person who picked on me in highschool. YOU WERE ALL RIGHT - I AM A NERD.

Anyway, through his blog I found out about Overheard In New York, a blog of stuff, well, overheard in New York. Odd sentences on phones, street corners, etc. So I though I´d add my own.

Standing at the transit counter in Heathrow, trying to move our flight forward, DrS and I were next to a couple of Americans who, after doing their thing at the counter, realised they had to rush for their connection.
Said the man to the woman: "C´mon. Let´s motivate!"


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bloggsy23 said...

Dr J. your moving and descriptive posting on your family reunion reminds me of the importance of passing on family history.Many of us have notes, letters and diaries which hold untold treasures but the power of the past still lies in the verbal description of it and the passion that invokes. Listen to an indigenous person describe their heritage and it is a lesson you wont get elsewhere.
I must talk to my kids about their wayward sister soon.