Thursday, August 11, 2005

Ha´y B´day

Its 12.43.

My birthday has started!

Although I was tempted to run around the lawn in my boxer shorts as per Wil Wheaton, I withheld from the urge. DrH supplied me with Roquefort and champagne and toasted the day in. Tomorrow night (I guess tonight really) he is taking me away somewhere highly secretive. So far all I know is that we leave Thursday night at around 9pm from the house and get back early Monday morning. I´m betting on a night train to either Paris or Venice....I find out in the evening so i have just enough time to throw the appropriate clothing in a suitcase.

And, just in case you´re interested Ha´y B´day came from a birthday cake from friends at Uni, who got so excited at writing on the top of it that they didn´t leave enough room and had to shorten even the word Happy.

Ha´y B´day to me!

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