Saturday, August 27, 2005

keep the noise down, I have a headache

DrH is at a conference this weekend so I have 2 days to myself. I thought I´d go shopping, take some long walks with the dog, have some long baths, catch up with some friends.

Instead I decided to go out with some colleagues last night for a few quiet cocktails. I should have left the bar when they did at 1, but no, I was having a good time and stayed on dancing until about 3am.

That would have been fine if I hadn´t had so many Mojito´s with it.

Oh dear. I did manage to take the dog out when I got home, but it took about 5 minutes to unlock the door again to come inside. I also managed to get up at 2pm today and take him out again (poor boy!), but I´m still in a very bad way.

Yes, I know, its all self-inflicted. I remember why I do this only once every few years now. At least with so many mint leaves a Mojito tastes ok in both directions.

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