Thursday, August 11, 2005

The Mystery Trip

And no, I don´t mean unusual drug combinations.

I´ve just found out...we leave in 3 hours for Paris! I was right! Haha!
DrH has indulged my Jugendstil passion and booked us into the Hotel Elysees Ceramic. Is it not an absolute riot of Art Nouveau?:
Its really close to the Place Charles De Gaulle Etoile, so we can walk everywhere.

Can´t wait..must go and pack, we have a private compartment on the night train tonight!


Anonymous said...

what a sensationally gorgeous place! And what a wonderful surprise! See these are the benefits of living in Europe. In a couple of hours your in Paris!

Happy 30th Birthday from all your loved ones in Australia! We miss you and think about you so often - and wish we could help you celebrate this wonderful milestone. We are so there in spirit!!

benmx26htclinton said...
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