Monday, August 15, 2005

Paris Night #1

"I shouldn't have had that Creme Caramel."
"Uh huh."
"I think I'm going to explode."
"Yes. Really. I am going to explode. My stomach is going to pop. I'm going to end up like Henry VIII."
"uh huh..... What?"
"Henry VIII...he exploded...from syphilis...and all the dogs came and ate his entrails. Well I think it was Henry VIII. Well, one of the Henry's I think. Ok, an English king at least."
"How on earth do you know a thing like that?"
"Read it somewhere I guess... or a high school teacher told me."
"And syphilis makes you explode?"
"Guess so...its pretty disgusting, like, rots away all your genitals."
"Yuck, then you pee straight from your body?"
"What, you mean like a girl?"
"Oh. yeah."


"No don't touch me, I am still gonna explode."
"Its not that much touching..."
"I'm serious, you touch me and you'll make my stomach explode all over the room."
"You must be the girl that Die Arzte sing about."
"Gestern Nacht ist meine Freundin explodiert. Ich hab nicht dammit gerechnet, deshalb bin ich jetzt blut verschmiert."
(Last night my girlfriend exploded. I wasn't counting on that and that's why I'm now covered in blood).
"That's disgusting. They really wrote a song about that?"
"Well, don't touch me then. If I explode you'll be all covered in blood and CSI will come along and do a blood trajectory analysis and work out its all YOUR fault that I exploded."

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Anonymous said...

So Jac, which High School teacher told you about King Henry VIII's entrails, I'm going to BHS's 50th celebrations on 27th& 28th Aug I'll check for you. Mum.