Thursday, September 22, 2005

And she´s off and running

So today is the fourth day on the new job, and I must say THIS IS DAMN COOL. They´re breaking me in nice and slow, which is nice but I´m already getting involved in negotiations with big companies and stuff.
And the whole getting dressed up for work thing? At the moment its kinda fun. They are actually pretty casual here, but I´m enjoying wearing heels, so I think I´ll keep doing it for a while.

But I´m really missing my dog. I have a one room apartment in the guest house here, which is ok, if kinda small. But I was sitting there last night, watching Dead Zone and thinking "I should be going outside now before bed. Why do I feel like I have to go outside? I haven´t been outside since I got home at 7, it´s time to go out. But hangon, there is no dog here, you have NO REASON to go out. But it feels just WRONG not going out."

In the end I did manage to force myself to go to bed without taking myself for a walk and pee, but it was HARD.


Anonymous said...


Just thought I should mention that the link to my site is out of date :-|

Tom said...

Where's your doggy?

I miss my dog :-( We have now been separated for 10 months and it is really crappy.

Any who, not much to say, good to see things are going well. Hope to speak to you soon.