Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Let them eat cake

Well, congratulations are awarded to the former First Lady Barbara Bush for possibly even outdoing Prince Phillip in the ability to say something that was completely and utterly stupid when the world was watching.

Quoted as saying that the Katrina evacuees in the Houston Astrodome were "..uderprivledged anyway" so living in a sports arena on camp beds "... is working out very well for them", she brings to mind that most famous of french queens, Marie Antoinette.

What an arrogant idiot. Maybe she'll start handing out teacake at her next oh-so-useful outing.


Anonymous said...

hey sis. thought i would leave a message for you. saw the photos of little daisy you put on the web - very cute. speak to you soon. ains

Bugsy said...

What? did she think that losing everything they own, risking their own lives and being housed in a place with "lots" of other people, bad sanitary conditions, poor food and clean drinking water was what? An upgrade? Maybe she would like to go through that!!! Oh that's right, so probably chipped a nail or something the day Katrina hit, so she "understands".