Thursday, September 01, 2005

Sitting on her bum, twiddling her thumbs

How on earth do people manage to update their blogs daily with amusing, well written anecdotes? What on earth are they doing differently that so many interesting things happen to them?

Over here, DrH came back last night from a week in Florence at a conference. What a terrible strain I´m sure it was for him. Every evening I rang him at 11.30pm in his hotel and on only two evenings was he actually there. The rest of the time I had to call his mobile (at least the hefty part of that cost goes on HIS phone bill, serves him right for being out having a good time in an exciting foreign city WITHOUT ME). And every one of these nights he was in a different bar or restuarant around the city trying out some new italian cuisine or great italian wine, and loving the dork heaven that was Florence this last week.

There were several thousand scientists there, all working in a very specific field and every time I spoke to him it was, "I left the last session and met XXX and YYY and so we went and had dinner, where AAA and BBB were also in the same restuarant. And then coming home across the square I ran into CCC and DDD and so now we´re having a few quiet ones, oh, and look! EEE and FFF have just come in!"

Its such a small community, and pretty much every single one of them (except me obviously) was in Florence last week. So it was a lot like a class reunion and he had a ball. All it need was a Volkswagen bus meeting in the next town and I never would have gotten him back again.


bloggsy said...

I think that you are incredibly fortunate that he answered his mobile.Of course you could have told him that you had little time to talk to him as you were wroking on your next Mills and Boon novel or creating another masterpiece for the Heidelberg festival

Tom Thumb said...

Or you could have told him that you had little time to talk as you were getting upto mischief yourself... ahhh... I mean working on a very important document and had to get back to it before you lost your train of thought.