Thursday, September 15, 2005

That´s all, she wrote

Today ended an era. The era of DrJ in a lab.

Adios, waved the labcoat as I packed it into the wash basket. Adieu, whispered the autoclave in its final hiss of opening in my presence. Fare the well, sang the shakers, serenading me out the lab door.
The comforting weight of a pipette in my hand is gone. The familiarity of lab procedures. The automatic aseptic technique my brain subconciously imitates when I open jars of olives or prepare the dogs dinner.

Monday begins a new life of suits and highheel shoes. Makeup and jewelry. Not singing any time I feel like it. I hope I can adapt.

But tonight, I pack.


Anonymous said...

There is a saying that explains your predicament - "When he closes a door he opens a window." Think of this as a beginning, you have faced the unknown before with gusto - this adventure will be no different. Good luck Darling, I know that you will SHINE!!!! XXXMUM

Bugsy said...

You are so brave. More so than I am. I stagnate in the same job I have had for the last 15 years and I don't really like it all that much. But it is safe. and I am a big chicken.

Good luck with your new career.