Friday, September 02, 2005

"You call that a wedding anniversary? THIS is a wedding anniversary"

Certain readers here may recall that for our first anniversary in February DrH failed entirely to get me something. It being the paper anniversary and all, it shouldn´t have been too hard, but I guess you win some, you lose some.

Out of general interest in the topic this morning, I looked up a list of what all the anniversaries are. The Chicago Public Library has one which included both traditional and modern versions. Notable is the fact that after the 15th anniversary (trad: crystal, mod: watches), the traditional list falls off to only be celebrated every 5 years, while the modern list keeps going on a yearly basis until the 50th, but then drops off to every 5 years until the 100th. A bit arse about I would have thought, I´d be wanting to have it loudly and expensively noted every year after the 50th wedding anniversary that not only am I still alive and kicking, but that I´m still with the same guy and haven´t given into the urge to go and find myself a spritely 70 year old toy boy.

Some of the later ones in the modern list are truly very modern. Note:
24th: musical instruments
29th: new furniture
32nd: conveyances (eg. automobile)
42nd: improved real estate
46th: original poetry tribute
48th: optical goods (eg. telescope, microscope)

Whoever said Romance Is Dead is wrong. By my 50th wedding anniversary I´m going to be blowing loudly into a tuba to get my husbands attention while sitting in my EZBoy recliner in the new old folks home, ferried around on one of these old person Vespas, peering myopically through horrifically expensive glasses and yelling loudly "Huh? Huh?! Speak up man, dammit!" at his poetic proposals of love and fidelity.

That´s what love is all about.

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