Friday, October 21, 2005

Because occasionally, just occasionally, scientists need to have a good hard look at themselves

We had a meeting here yesterday of a bunch of Very Big Wigs doing Very Important Things and having Very Important Opinions. When we finally awoke from the general daze this caused for the next 16 hours, we realised that one of the VBW´s had left his jacket in our meeting room and was now, presumably jacketless, wandering the British Isles. Luckily he realised this himself (probably when the rain started to seep through to his underwear) and called us to ask if it was here, with the comment:

“Muggins seems to have left his jacket there.”

Which of course necessitated the question “Who´s Muggin´s?”

“Oh it´s just a nickname I have for myself.”

Sometimes I feel that VBW doing VIT and having VIO occasionally have Very Big Problems.

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