Wednesday, November 09, 2005

But it stinks so GOOOOD!

Leon Dog Wonder, like probably most dogs, likes to roll in shit. ANd I don´t mean shit in the general modern day usage suggesting "stuff" but in the traditional usage of "excrement coming from the behind of a living creature". In the year and a half of having him, I have become familiar with an amazing variety of shit including general size, colour, smell, common locations and difficulty level in removing it from the fur of a white(ish) dog.

First is the rabbit. This is the least of our worries actually as Leon prefers to eat it than roll in it.

Next comes the hedgehog. Very small amounts, but a sort of slimy dark green/black and extremely fragrant. This normally ends up behind his left ear for some reason.

Third is the duck. Definately slimy, not as stinky. Found generally around ponds so often easy to avoid.

Horse shit. Oh my how he loves this. In fact he has memorised the forest paths where it is most commonly found and will bound ahead, making sure he can get at least two good mouthfuls in before my projectile hits him in the head. Doesn´t tend to roll in it though.

The unidentified but extremely stinky shit. Brown, as all good shit is. Difficult to remove and we haven´t yet been able to work out the source. Quite possibly wild pig.

Finally the worst one of all. This stinks to high heaven and the dog enjoys BOTH eating it and rolling in it. It´s almost impossible to remove the smell, even after three baths and copious amounts of shampoo. I´ve even tried my Herbal Essences Forest Flowers but it does nothing to disguise the stink. But I do now know the answer to that ages old question: Do people shit in the forest and public parks?


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