Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Daylight, what daylight?

The clocks have changed again which of course means that it is now a 10 hour time difference to Oz, not an 8 hour one. I want to emphasize that again. TEN HOURS NOT EIGHT.

Just for those who may want to call me instead of reading my blog. PICK UP THE DAMN PHONE.

Of course, what the time change primarily means is that it is now dark in the middle of the day. And by the middle of the day I MEAN THE MIDDLE. Very soon it´s going to be dark at 4pm. That´s LUNCHTIME.


And so it means that walking the dog, something DrH must do on a daily basis now that I can´t have the mutt here with me, has become an adventure in facing all those childhood fears of big scary things rustling in the darkness. Together on the weekend, DrH and I go into the Grunewald (the world´s best park, it being not really a park, but a bit of leftover forest that´s slap bang in the middle of Berlin and really huge). It´s always getting dark when we make it there and most of the conversation is made up of:

"What´s that?"


"Up there. Can´t you see it?"

"Ummmm. Maybe another person? No, I think it´s a tree. Yes, it´s a tree"

"Hang on, there´s someone coming. Get the dog would you."

"Wait, what´s that noise?"

"What noise?"

"That rustling in the bushes."

"You mean the one that sounds like there´s a wild boar right behind us?"

"Yes that noise."

"Well, I´d be guessing....look, get the dog would you, I think we should back away quietly."

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