Wednesday, November 02, 2005

How NOT to ask someone out

Monday night I was invited to join a friend at a party in one of the most amusing ways I think I´ve experienced. Firstly it was casually slipped into a list of things he wanted to discuss:
1. Weather (or something equally as interesting)
2. Fashion (actually, I can´t really remember what point 2. was)
3. Are you busy tonight?
4. Tomorrow´s weather.

Nicely slipped in, I thought. But he lost it all on the follow through.

Because what then came was a list of all the reasons why, maybe, he wouldn´t go after all. And the reasons why perhaps it´d be difficult for me to get there or get home. And maybe a bit later on he´d decide, and maybe, let me know.

I mean REALLY. Regardless of the fact that I´m married and we´re just mates, you don´t ask ANY girl out in that way. Invite them, then tell them no, actually I don´t think you should come.

I may have found the reason he´s single.

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Megan said...

And now you know why it sucks to be single; these are the men that are out there. I might as well become a nun...well, if I didn't mind the celebacy part.