Monday, November 14, 2005

I need some Girlie influence

I don´t have many female friends here. I guess it´s not surprising as I´m in a male dominated field but still. Not many. I go shopping on my own. Hairdresser, buying new makeup, shoe shopping. All alone. Then I go out drinking with the guys. Where´s all that girl talk I need? The one about bra´s and period pain. Boys, men, Boys. Sex. Hair. The role of the modern women in today´s society. Accessories.

The important things in life.

I realised this was becoming dire yesterday.

After a passionate Sunday afternoon with DrH I felt no desire to chat. Didn´t want to start a conversation about our relationship. No amateur analysis of our feelings.

I wanted to fall asleep.

And when I closed my eyes, this is what I saw:

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