Monday, November 21, 2005

When I gwow up I wanna be a astwonaut

Back from the week away. I wish I could say it was a great, relaxing event, but in fact it was 10 hour days of standing in high heel shoes trying to find potential clients in a completely non-target audience. In it´s defence though, part of it was damn exciting and my childhood dream of going into space has been reborn.

My company is one of several representing the European Space Agency in trying to find commercial partners who may want to run experiments up in the International Space Station. So we were at this convention as part of ESA.

Do you have ANY idea how thrilling that was? We had real russian space suits there. And a model of the space station. And movies of flights and experiments. And little astronaut pins. And low gravity shampoo.

And a real, live astronaut.

Frank de Wille gave an hour long presentation on going into space and what it was like. The years and years and years of training beforehand. The week long headache when you first get up there as all the blood goes to your head. The stink of the space station when they first open the doors. Floating in a tiny metal container in the middle of space.

And damn it, I want to do that.

I gave up the dream of astronauthood when life and interest pushed me towards biology. But it´s back. The dream. And it turns out I´m not completely out of a chance. They´re apparently hiring in the next few years to make up the Astronaut Core, which is down to 12 instead of 16 now. And they look for highly educated, very practical, hands on people about the age of 30. That´s me!

All I need to do now is lose about half my body weight, get really fit, learn Russian and outcompete the 40,000 other applicants. Oh and become German.

It is the European Space Agency after all.

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Bugsy said...

oh wow - that sounds sooo cool. Glad you had fun, but very glad you are back again.