Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Where are all the good blogs?

Bill mentioned on his blog on Monday that his stats counter went beserk the day that Dooce linked to him (who I found linked to from Loobylu, who was linked to from Sublime Stitching, who was linked to by, well, I can´t remember that far back). That was the day I found his blog, and man am I glad for that. Between Dooce and him I get the most giggles for the day. But where are all the rest?

It seems to be playing with links. Each links to someone they like to someone they like etc, but I haven´t really seen a direct writing style relationship between the writers I like to read and the people they link to.

How can I find more? I need more, my current Bloglines list is normally done in about 15 minutes a day. That´s not enough!

With the millions of blogs out there I simply don´t have time to search them all for the few gems. I need a super list of funny, quality writers.

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Bill said...

I went through the self-checkout line at Kroger's tonight and landed in Scanner Hell. I am the anti-checker. I am checker challenged. Scanning barcodes, it's an art.