Monday, December 12, 2005

Because sometimes goodnight is not enough

Having a long distance relationship for the the past 2 years has dramatically changed the way DrH and I interact with each other.

Our evenings are currently very seperate. We both manage to finish work, but now he has to walk the dog, while I get to walk home and watch an absolutely terrible Telenovella called Verliebt in Berlin.

I can´t explain it- it has me in it´s clutches.

Maybe he then goes to the gym. Meanwhile maybe I go to Aikido, or, more likely, convince colleagues that a round of cocktails is in order.

We talk briefly at about 8pm, before I kick him off the phone because CSI has started.

Then we talk again at 11pm. He´s ready to go out with the dog for the final evening peeing event, while I´m tucked into bed. We chat, we say I love you, we say good bye, I roll over and go to sleep.

So when we are actually together on weekends things are getting tough. My routine is broken, I´m not sure how to get to sleep anymore. I lay awake for hours because something JUST ISN´T RIGHT.

But now, we´ve worked it out.

Get into bed.

Turn out the light.

Say I love you.

Say good bye.

Turn my back on my husband and snuggle the pillow.

Give it a kiss goodnight and fall asleep.

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