Friday, December 16, 2005

Getting geared up for festive food

I don´t think I´ve really explained my living conditions here. I am staying in guesthouse apartment belonging to my mother ship organisation. It has a kick arse view over the valley and is fully furnished so I didn´t have to bring much stuff with me (a BIG point - when you´ve lived in 9 apartments in 6 years you get REALLY SICK OF CARRYING SOFAS). However it is tiny, a full one room with attached bathroom, which for some strange design reason is almost as large as the main room itself. Personally I would´ve preferred a little less leg room when sitting on the toilet and a little more when sitting on the couch.

The biggest drawback of this apartment is it´s cooking facilities. I certainly can´t call it a kitchen, and I´d be hard pressed to call it a kitchenette or even cooking niche. It has a sink approximately 15cm wide, which means that no plate, dish or pot will actually fit in there properly. There are also 2 hot plates which are either HOT HOT HOT! or off. Below is a bar fridge, above two small cabinets. Spacious it is not, and it certainly doesn´t encourage one to bother with dinner at all.

Combined with this, the local supermarket closes at 6.30 which is before I leave work on most nights and to go to the next one requires a delicate juggling of buses and rain that I rarely have the desire to start with.

Summary: My cupboards are bare.

Dinner for the last three night has comprised:

Tuesday: A tin of chickpeas I found underneath a bag of rice was boiled in half a tin of tomato soup. I threw in a handful of sultanas from my work snack, some cumin, cinnamon, garlic and chili. Did vaguely resemble a moroccan stew and I managed to swallow it all.

Wednesday: Behind the butter I found the last bit of a packet of green curry paste, used the last of my dehydrated coconut milk and boiled up some rice. Green Curry Rice with NONE of the trimmings.

Thursday: Clever DrJ grabbed a loaf of bread on her way IN to work (thinking ahead, man, thinking ahead). Last night I had bread and butter. And water.

Tonight: You know, tonight I think I´ll go out.

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