Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Pulping previously overpulped fiction into a pulpy pulp

A big new shiny machine is being installed at DrH´s work at the moment. This comes complete with a big new shiny machine installer. Well, maybe not the shiny bit. Okay, he´s also probably not that new. But I can assure you he is big. As in big enough to deal with a big new shiny machine.

And his name is Zack. Zack with the big new shiny machine.

DrH came home brimming with the news. "It´s a big new shiny machine!" he exclaimed. "With a guy! A guy called Zack!"

"Thrilling," his wife responded, concentrating more on the latest advert for Mercedes (as has been previously noted on this blog, there is a small car problem developing here).

"As in `Zack´s dead baby, Zack´s dead`," he responded excitedly, putting on a deeper voice than he normally has and squishing his chin down to his chest to do so. His wife looked away from television long enough to show her confusion at this unexpected outburst. "You know, Pulp Fiction!"

"I think you may mean `Zed´s dead`," she remarked coolly.

DrH froze. "Oh. Yeah." His face moved through various expressions from consternation to relief. "Lucky I didn´t say anything then. I was going to ask him tomorrow if Pulp Fiction changed his life. He wouldn´t have known what I was talking about."

"Well now," His wife soothed, "the whole web´s going to know about it ´cause I am definately going to blog this."

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