Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Very Interesting Entry, Please Keep Reading

One of my daily joys is checking in with my site tracker and seeing who has read my blog and where they´re from (yes I know, I´m pathetic. But, hey, I´m a science nerd what more do you expect?).

Hi Mum!!

There even seems to be some people UNRELATED TO ME who read this blog.

Yes, Dad. I, too, was shocked.

Admittedly it isn´t the 50,000 readers a day that allows Dooce to support her family from her blog, but I´d like to say Hi to those non-family members reading here.

Hello all three of you!

There are also the drive-by blog readers who accidentally stumble across my site but don´t seem to stay longer than a quick read of the headings. I should try and make those more interesting. As my site tracker lets me see where they linked from, I was most amused to notice that one drive-by reader ended up on my site after searching Google for "Dolly Partons breasts".

Sorry you didn´t hang around. Guess this site wasn´t well enough endowed.


cubbiegirl said...

I read!!

Bugsy said...

How long did I stay this time? hehe. Yeah I read too when I can, but I am often not intelligent enough to comment very much. LOL. Take care sweets

Marcus said...

The fact is we all love you Jac ;-)

Megan said...

Hi mom and dad! ;)

Just so you know, often times Sitemeter doesn't show any time if a person only looks at your main page, no matter how many of the posts they read and how long they are there. If the reader doesn't click on another link (like the comments), it usually doesn't show up with any time. So, don't think that I only stay here for zero seconds!

Anonymous said...

i read sometimes!!! miss you heaps though. love, the female half of M&M