Sunday, December 25, 2005

When you get the most perfect present that so TOTALLY BLOWS YOU AWAY that you voluntarily give up rights to any celebratory gifts for the next 5 years

I was wayyyy ahead in the planning of important christmas gifts, ie. the one for DrH this year. Unfortunately, also way behind in planning those for siblings, to which I´m deeply sorry, but it´s in the mail, kay?

I was down to three items, and just had to choose which one would make it to our Christmas celebration this year, and which would have to wait for our anniversary in February. Last week I made my final decision, wandered into the specialist shop and bought it, having it beautifully wrapped on the way out.

Gotta love wrapping services, I didn´t have to buy any wrapping paper AT ALL this year. And they put cute little bows on everything.

Anyway, so there we were on Friday packing the Bulli AGAIN from the dissolution of yet another DrJ temporary accomadation. I had just brought down the last armload, including DrH´s wonderfully wrapped present. He was eyeing greedily, stripping it with his eyes to work out what it was. I smiled saucily (ok, I´m not so good at that, but in training). Then I froze.

"Oh shit. You already have a Hammer drill don´t you."

DrH stopped visually undressing his present and looked at me in surprise. "Is that what it is?" His eyes flicked back to the present and then to me. His mouth twisted as he swallowed his disappointment.

"Ummm," I said," I´m pretty sure we can change it Berlin..ummm...I´m aren´t to angry at me?"

He smiled bravely, pulled me to him and said "I love you no matter what, and I´m thrilled you thought of buying me a Hammer drill."

Saturday, we sat with his family around the tree, handing out presents. I passed his beautifully wrapped gift to him, whispered Merry Christmas and let him open it.

The biggest damn Atlas you´ve ever seen.

He loved it. And I´d manged to muddy the waters nough that he had no idea it was coming.

But then I got to my present. Also one that I had no idea what it could be and the shape was certainly the bizarrest under the tree.

It was a fruit bowl.

A fruit bowl I had seen 8 months ago in a designers studio in East Berlin. An Israeli designer who creates Open Source designs, where anybody can reproduce his stuff. That is just so cool.

So this is the fruit bowl (the one named Flat Knot- stainless, towards the bottom of the page). It´s from a single piece of steel that´s been bent. It´s beautiful. It´s perfect.

How can anyone know me so well?


Megan said...

Yay for beautiful perfect presents! Merry Christmas (though in your time zone it has already passed)!

Anonymous said...

How cool is that!! I just got a tingle up my spine realising that I was with you when we went to that gallery and saw those very unreal designs! We were all highly impressed -and Im damn impressed that your husband remembered that!

Missed you at Christmas lunch this year - was a quiet affair this year but still lovely. Plenty of prawns and turkey leftover for us to continue to consume!
Hope to see you both for a future Chrissy in the not too distant future.

Anonymous said...

He married you Jac, could that be the reason this man knows you soooo..well. What a romantic he is,cherish it my first born,for it is indeed a wonderful gift he has.