Saturday, January 21, 2006

Habits are habits for a reason and breaking them damns you to hell

In a moment of wild, excited, Hey! Let´s do something new in bed last night, DrH engaged in a rather stupid activity and switched sides of the bed. My what an exciting life we lead. As a result of this new-found experimentation that our long and trusting relationship has allowed us to tackle I woke up this morning with a completely screwed up shoulder.

So all day I haven´t been able to move much. I can´t actually sit straight, can´t turn my head to the left at all and have trouble using my left arm. THIS SUCKS DOGSBALLS. I´m typing this all one handed and it takes incredibly long. And, of course, the way a german keyboard is set up (oh yes I have one of those with all it´s funky extra üöäß keys and swapped z and y) the @ symbol is under the letter Q and can only be reached by pressing the Alt Gr key at the same time which is down to the right of the space bar and which I CANNOT DO WITH ONE HAND SO I JUST DID IT WITH MY A PEN IN MY MOUTH.

Look @ me! I did it again.

Oh I need to go and find those heavy duty muscle relaxants. I think they´re in one of the unopened moving boxes.

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