Friday, January 20, 2006

Just another way of developing tennis elbow

Yesterday´s fear of recurrent aural attack was realised this morning leading me to beat a hasty retreat to the relative calm and quiet of the gym, while leaving Leon Dog Wonder to fend for himself as best he could. Y´know cameraderie is one thing, but when it comes to noise so loud your ears start to bleed, it´s each for their own.

What I realised today is the real benefits of such a membership. Aside from that whole fitness stuff, and of course the choice of three saunas Would you like your body rare, medium rare or well done, Madam?, there is a Fitness Bar with comfy seats, a variety of up-to-date magazines and newspapers and all the Latte Macchiato you could want. It may not be free of charge, but you don´t notice that when it just gets billed straight to your membership card. It´s a country club without the country and a whole lot more gay men.

The best thing about it was that I could sit there for HOURS. No one disturbed me. Came wandering around asking if there´ll be anything else. Stood just inside my line of vision looking pointedly at their watch, the door or the people waiting for a chair. Because no one was waiting for a chair. Most normal people go into the gym to exersize and bugger off again. But that won´t be for me anymore. Maybe I´ll do an aerobics course or a few kilometers on the treadmill, but I think I know what the real focus of my training sessions will be from now on.

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