Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Just where do I get a pair of those ruby shoes?

Yesterday was a bad day. Homesick AND hormonal means DrJ is an inarticulate blubbering mess who just wants to jump the first plane to Oz. I don´t know how many of you have had severe homesickness, but it´s the worst illness I´ve ever suffered. It hits you right in the chest, an empty, hollow, aching feeling that you don´t think can ever be filled again. Secondary symptoms can include headaches, irritated eyes and a frightened husband who´s terrified that I will jump the next plane and just maybe not come back. He thinks that if I am capable of leaving then I don´t love him enough. How can I get him to understand that on one side it´s him and the other it is EVERYTHING - family, friends, history, culture, language, HOME. Every normal person doesn´t have this tearing apart.

It´ll pass. Homesickness does. It´s just a day or two of hell that gets repeated a few times a year.


Bugsy said...

Oh hun - I am so sorry you are feeling homesick. Is there anything I can do to help? Anything I can send you that will make you feel better? please let me know if there is.

Jill said...

Hi, I just wanted to say thanks for your comment about my post on Megan's blog. It wasn't my intention to make such a terrible generalization at all. I would love for you to read a post I just wrote explaining it all!

Anonymous said...

Do hope that the hour and a half that you spent looking and talking to me on Skype 2 nights ago, has helped with your homesickness. I REAAAAAALLY MISS YOU TOO, I hope you know!!!! Hope the blonde looking locks didn't seem too strange,I'm still just me!!