Friday, January 27, 2006


Consider this a pre-blog.

An artistic analytical and political flammable blog.

It´s about the movie Munich.

You know, the one from Steven Spielberg. About the killing of the Israelis at the Munich Olympics and it´s aftermath- the subsequent murder of the assasins.

This is a pre-blog because I haven´t seen the film yet. But I will this weekend, and you may re-analyse this blog entry in that light. I will.

There was an editorial/critique of this film on news radio this morning. The point of it was: there is a difference in how Europe and America view this film. To Europe, the idea of killing for Justice, for Revenge, is Wrong. To America, it is Just and Fair and Right.

Europe has learnt, through bitter and horrific war where no one won but everyone suffered, that killing your "enemies" solves no problems.

America, it seems, hasn´t.

Critique of this film in America appears forced from some fraction of the Jewish "side". That Spielberg OBVIOUSLY doesn´t support Jewish interest, therefore should be stripped of any acknowledgement, prize or praise he previously won. What I see is that Spielberg, rather than criticising anything Isreali-Palestinian-fight-that-can-never-be-won-because-both-believe-in-a-God-Given-Right-oh-thank-you-Religon-for-this-load-of-bollocks-gee-why-am-I-athiest-again?, is "holding up a mirror to society". I mean isn´t that what the Arts are meant to do?

The point is not to look at what happened after the Munich assasinations, but what has happened in the US post-Sept 11. From what I´ve heard here, that idea isn´t even breaking in the US media. Read Tom Clancy´s book of total and utter propaganda- The Teeth of the Tiger- if you want to see what bullshit is being spread as Right and Just. In fact, please don´t read it. I personally would not like to be responsible for even one book sale of such Bush-propoganda-shite.

My viewpoint today is this: the message of the film has little to do with the current Israeli/Palestinian conflict. It is an analysis of what is happening now.

Listen, America.

Like I said in a previous post. There is a reason the rest of the world doesn´t like America. That reason is, America thinks it´s always right.


kilowatthour said...

um. by America, you mean the nutjobs in power, right? because normal people have views similar to yours. just so you know.

Dr J. said...

Yep, I mean the nutjobs in power. And a few in the media. And maybe a few of the individuals in less coastal States.

Megan said...

Yea, it's the nutjobs in office that give this country a bad name. After all, they're the ones that the rest of the world sees as the face of the US. But, trust me, my face doesn't look as retarded as Dubya's. (At least I hope not.)