Saturday, January 07, 2006

Pimp My Fahrrad

I´m sure all of you from MTV presenting nations would by now be well aware of Pimp My Ride. For those of you who aren´t I suggest finding it. It will awaken your need to start doing up shitty old cars.

It´ll find your inner revhead.

You´ll start feeling the need to drive down Chapel Street in a suped up Holden Torana. Subwoofers blasting from where the backseat used to be. Pedestrians forced to grab on to lightposts to stay upright from the subterranean reverberations.

Not only have I become a PmR addict, but I now happily, nay, EAGERLY discuss cars. ME. Talking about the latest BMW designs. Whether Renault´s Megane concept was an expected failure or an unexpected success. The perfect style of the Audi TT.

Shoot me now. Please.

However Germany has outdone the US in coolness this time around. Probably due to budget reasons, they haven´t made their own Pimp My Top Class Horribly Expensive German Car, but Pimp My Fahrrad. For those of you without German as a second language, I´ll translate:

Pimp My Bicycle.

Now this show just kicks arse. They take your typical preteen bicycle, complete with daisy basket and streamers flowing from the handlebars and turn it into a lean, mean pedal-powered Harley knock off. You wanna rule pedaling your way to school? Call on these guys.

But they weren´t happy with just that. Oh, no. There is now Pimp My Whatever.

A dog house. A day. It doesn´t matter, they´ll Pimp it, man. I thought that this was it. Regardless of the money they stick into it, the US just falls down on style. I mean these german guys are so cool you´ll be wanting solar powered testicle warmers.

But. BUT. Pimp My Ride tonight. To go along with his whole extra cool car with the twenty thousand dollar electronics, new paint job and superfluous waterfalls, the superintellectual Xzibit gave this young Uni student a microscope.

A microscope.

No matter where you go the Nerd wins. WINS, MAN.