Thursday, January 19, 2006

So you wanted to know my deepest, darkest secrets?

I´m going to come clean. Admit it all. You know how I told you all that I was unemployed and sitting on my bum watching reruns of J.A.G and the german re-enacted (because it´s illegal to have camera´s actually in a court, any court) versions of People´s Court?

Well it´s only half true. Yes, I am currently without steady get-up-everyday-put-on-the-high-heels-and-bully-my-way-into-the-commuter-underground employment. But I´m not quite spending my entire day staring at the chisled features of Lt Harman Raab.

I´m actually trying to start my own business.

And just before you leap in with the - In Science or a Related Discipline? I´ll answer No, not in Science or a Relate Discipline, but in a completely different area which makes a mockery of the almost-decade I spent studying and the many positions I´ve held before, during and after the acquisition of the dreamed-for PhD. In the defense of Science and the PhD, the longterm goal is for this to be my bit-on-the-side. I´m just taking the chance to set it all up with my full concentration. Well, the bit leftover from J.A.G.

But to keep you all on the edge of your seats I´m not going to tell you what the oh-so-great business plan is.


But it means that I´m actually at home all day everyday staring at my computer screen trying to do such fun things as business plans and market research. Except between 1.15 pm and 2.15 pm. I mean, Harm deserves my complete attention then. Oh and between 4pm and 6pm when Leon Dog Wonder gets his daily constitutional. And from 8pm to 11pm when DrH and I go the the gym and lounge around naked in the sauna. Damn it, but sometimes I just love Europe!

It appears my upstairs neighbours have heard about my new work-at-home philosophy and aren´t too approving, because this morning they started to SAND THE FLOORBOARDS. Have you any idea how loud that is when all there is between you and the offending machine is a layer of boards, a layer of building rubble (don´t ask me, I don´t make the building laws) and a layer of 100-year old STRAW?

Let me assure you IT IS DAMN FRICKING LOUD. I hope you noted the use of the word FRICKING as I have been told to tone down my language and I hope you are now FRICKING happy.

In fact it was so FRICKING loud that Leon Dog Wonder moved himself AND HIS BASKET into the bathroom to escape the noise. You may think this slightly unusual for a dog, and indeed we thought so as well on the poker evening we first saw it, when, in response to our general rowdiness, he grabbed his basket between his teeth gave us a look like I´m outta here FRICKERS and took it into another room where he promptly fell asleep. So I can guarantee you that it is now perfectly normal that our dog ensures he has the appropriate napping material always on hand. What can I say? He takes after his Mum.

The part about the upstairs renovations that disturbs me the most is that the noise over the whole day didn´t progress further than the back half of the flat, leaving me the worry that they will be back tomorrow to finish the rest. Fuck.

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Bugsy said...

Good luck with your possible new business venture. I have no idea what it might be but I will be patient. It sounds like you are doing all the right things in working it out though. I hope they stop being noisy upstairs. I did have to laugh at Leon's response though. He is quite a character.