Saturday, January 14, 2006

Where she once again demonstrates her aptitude for wrong time, wrong place situations

There have been two significant events in my life in the past week.

The first is podcasting. Yes, I knew Podcasts existed. Yes, I had heard numerous in the past. However, as I had no web access at home for the three months I was in Heidelberg, I never updated my iPod. Hence, I never went looking through iTunes´ possibilities.

They´re great! I´ve downloaded comedy routines, business courses, cooking podcasts and more. And iTunes is just a drop in the ocean! There are so many more out there that I´m tempted to start my own. If only I had something interesting to say.

The second significant event was...I joined a Gym.

Okay, quit it with the eye-rolling. Okay it´s early January and every man and his dog is doing it. Okay already.

But it´s time I got rid off the excess, um, me, that the stress of the last year has laid on and as DrH was already a member it seemed logical. With the added advantage that the gym is only 300m from my flat. All the resolutions in the world wouldn´t see me peddling this arse kilometres through minus degree temperatures just to torture it further.

Tonight I discovered that my two latest obsessions don´t mix very well.

I was on the treadmill listening to some podcasts. I had discovered early on that listening to music on the iPod bores me exceedingly quickly, so it´s usually loaded up with only books-on-tape or, now, Podcasts. Tonight was Sit-down Comedy – numerous 5 minute interviews with a variety of comedians. Already with Mike Myers and Martin Short I had spent whole minutes of my uphill program giggling, something which caused my diligently marching neighbours to look askance at me - one even getting off his machine and moving to the machine furtherest away from me.

But then came Jon Levitts doing a Woody Allen routine. About a moose. A moose he shot but didn´t kill, strapped to the front of his car and took to a fancy dress partying Manhattan where it mingled successfully but failed to win the best costume, losing out to a Jewish couple dressed up as a moose.

I guess you had to be there.

But I was. And I didn´t giggle. I didn´t snigger. I didn´t even chuckle.

I guffawed.

Numerous neighbours missed their footing. Around the gym weights slammed down as buffed men were shocked out of their narcissistic mirror staring. Several trainers started moving quickly in my direction, fearing a nasty accident.

Meanwhile I was desperately trying to stay upright. I was almost doubled over, still laughing loudly. My legs almost tripping over my feet running in tiny rapid steps as I tried to catch up with the machine again. I managed to find the stop button through the tears just as the interview finished and the trainers reached me.

They´ve suggested I use the bike for warmup from now on. And perhaps lose the comedy.


Greg said...

Classic - almost makes me want to go out and get an ipod to try the same thing. Then again if i have to go to the gym then maybe not!

TT said...

Hue idiot...

Bugsy said...

LOL I guess it could have been worse - you might have been signing along to some really bad songs or something.

p.s. You will have to tell us the urls of your favorite podcasts - I can never find anything good - the cooking and comedy stuff sounds great.

Anonymous said...

That sounds hilarious!
Pitty no one taped would have been a winner on Funniest Home Videos!

Anonymous said...

Funny????? I'm still laughing about you joining a gym!