Thursday, February 23, 2006

Because you guys mean so much to me, I´m going to share everything

Tuesday night I took Leon Dog Wonder to the vet for his yearly Rabies booster and to check for worms as he has spent a lot of time in the last two weeks with his tongue up his arse. You think that sounds bad? You didn´t have to watch it in front of TV every night.

Leon Dog Wonder thinks the vets is just The Best Place On Earth because every time we go there he gets so filled with treats that he can´t eat all his dinner afterwards. This says a lot from a dog who managed to get through half of a 50kg bag of dog food in one afternoon and lay there for the rest of the night with a distended stomach and pitiful sounds coming from both ends. The vets is also just around the corner from here and we pass it often on walks, which means I spend at least ten minutes of those walks trying to pry his nose from the doorjam, much to the amusement of those in the waiting room watching me with their terrified dogs sitting on their laps or trying to eat the neighbouring cat.

So Tuesday I sat there and described his symptoms: tongue, bum and won´t leave the damn thing alone were used often. Meanwhile Leon Dog Wonder was dogging the heels of the Vet Assistant With The Magic Food Pocket and trying every trick he knows to get that food out of it. Ever seen a dog try and lie down, shake paws and roll over all at the same time? Even the vet herself couldn´t believe how eagerly he got on the examining table and stood there, eyes focussed unblinkingly on That Pocket. He managed to completely ignore the injection as a hand full of treats was right in front of his nose. But when it got to a quick look at his rear end he started getting twitchy.

So guess what it was? Not worms as I thought, but blocked anal glands. Aren´t you glad I shared this with you? The first I ever heard of this was last year when Dooce´s dog Chuck had the same problem, and at that point I thought Just what do those American´s DO to their dog? It is therefore with slight shame I must admit that I was wrong and this dilemma is ignorant of borders and races.

Leon Dog Wonder had to stand their as the woman SQUEEZED HIS ANAL GLANDS. The relief on his face afterwards was evident, as was the excitement at just how much stink he can produce. And you know, much as I love my dog there is NO WAY I am ever going to do that. Should his anal glands get blocked again that joy is reserved ENTIRELY for the vet.


Anonymous said...

Gee thanks for that; had just sat down for a nice t bone bbq. My dog Zeus will now get most/all of that

Susan said...

My wasn't that fun? Would you believe that I do that to my own dog wonder about every two weeks? After working at a humane society I don't even really smell it anymore. My husband on the other hand feels strongly that it is quite possibly the Worst Odor Ever (this from the man who like the smell of dead skunk).